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The transport wheelchair that increases your freedom.  Easy and comfortable transport - right into the vehicle.

With Carony you can move in and out of the vehicle without actually needing to rise from the seat. It's the seat itself that moves from the wheelchair wheel unit to the swivel base inside the car. It's easy and comfortable for both the passenger and the person assisting.

The low built seat is crash tested and fulfils current vehicle regulations and the passenger travels safely strapped by the vehicle seatbelt.

Carony 12" and 24"

Carony is available with two different wheel alternatives: 12" rear wheels, which is a transport wheelchair for those unable to drive themselves and with 24" drive wheels, for those who can.

The Carony system, 12" and 24", consists of a wheel unit, a comfortable seat, which is used both inside and outside the vehicle and the swivel base Turnout fitted to the car.

By means of a couple of simple manual operations, you move the seat and passenger from the wheelchair frame to the front passenger position in the car. The compact wheel unit is stored in the boot when not in use. For vehicles with a higher step up, such as MPV vehicles etc., Carony can be combined with the car seat lift Turny.

Collision tested and approved in accordance with current legal requirements.

  • When seated in the car, the passenger uses the vehicle seat belt.
  • A number of practical accessories are available for sitting comfort.
  • Can be used with most car models, small or large,
  • 2- or 4-door.

This is how you dock the Carony 12" wheel unit to the car

1. Start by turning the swivel base in the car outwards and dock the Carony wheelchair to it.

2. Undo the catch and push the seat across to the revolving seat frame.

3. Loosen the Carony wheel unit and turn the seat into its correct position in the car. Store the wheel unit in the boot.

Smooth and easy to use, even at home

Apart from being a transport wheelchair, the Carony 24" is also a comfort wheelchair, smooth and easy to use in the home, outside and in the car. It has all the advantages of the Carony system including practical accessories for various needs and functions.

The total width of the chair is 67 cm (26½") and therefore passes easily through door openings in the home. The ergonomic design of the Carony gives a good sitting position - as good as an armchair.

It is possible to have the drive wheels in three alternative positions to adapt the chair to the needs, balance and driving ability of each individual user.

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